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Awesome Sauce

So, cooking with wine advice always says- do not use wine that you don't want to drink. I have always been curious about cooking with one of my favorite wines to drink- Rosé! I am in the mind-set to drink rosé year round so I thought I would experiment with a Buerre Rosé sauce. As an amateur cook, I enlisted a chef for assistance. I have never been adventurous to make sauces, but now that the weather has turned, I felt it was time. (During the summertime I top my dishes with variations of fruit salsas, guacamole, corn salsas, pickled onions etc). As rosé is a relatively new category (10 years) most people drink the current vintage. When I asked...

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Erupting on the Scene - Volcanic Wines

Last year, I noticed more and more buzz about wines coming out of regions under the shadow of a volcano.  What could be more exciting than a region growing wines out of ash and molten lava? Talk about 'survival of the fittest' for grapes that have to strain to thrive...these wines are super cool as they are HOT right now. If you are looking to try these exciting wines, here is your guide to which Volcanoes have vineyards on their slopes: Mount Etna, Sicily: Along with Santorini, this region in Sicily, with the highest active volcano in Europe. Its soils range from basalt pebbles and pumice to black ash. Fun wine from Mount Etna: Benanti, “Rovittello” Etna Rosso 2005 ($78)...

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Wine Time

The "Aromas vs Bouquet" Class is THE BEST EVER!  I use my fun aroma kit to pass around samples of fun aromas.  It is very helpful for participants of the class to understand the difference in a citrus fruit, a tree fruit (coming from an orchard), and a stone fruit (a fruit that has a pit in it).  In this experience, our guests may think their a wine novice,  but this is not true.  We all have the ability to use our senses to recognize what it going on in the glass.  My favorite is when a guest exclaims a note they are getting in the wine and I  have the opportunity to say "Exactly!" I  then go on to explain...

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