Wine Vocabulary T- Letter of the Day

Wine Vocabulary can be intimidating. I will start adding wine vocabulary to the blog to help further your education and introducing common wine words that come up. In my version of adult Sesame Street, the letter of the day is "T". I thought this Thursday would be a good time to start. So here are your wine words for today:

TERROIR: Maybe the most all-consuming wine word for wine geeks. This French word means the total impact of any given vineyard site. Soil, Slope, Orientation to the sun, Elevation, Climate (rainfall, wind velocity, frequency of fog, temperature etc). This word is important to understand that every vintage is different due to Terroir.

Diamond Creek in Napa Valley is one of the Iconic Wineries and a wonderful example of Terrior. As the owner planted the nearly 22 acres of vines, he designated four distinct vineyards, none more than 60 feet apart: Volcanic Hill, Red Rock Terrace, Gravelly Meadow and Lake. These Cabernets are all very distinctive due to the different terroirs.


TIRAGE: French word for "to pull" or "to draw". To draw from the barrel, referring to bottling wine.

TARTRATES: One of the byproducts of tartaric acids. These are small innocuous crystals than can appear in wine unless removed through a process called cold stabilization. Important fun fact- tartrates are not harmful to the wine & only impact the wine aesthetically. So, if you own a restaurant you want to let your staff know to strain these out and not dump the glass or give it to a uninformed guest complimentary.

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