Rosé and Beef Carpaccio

I tried something fabulous recently. Château D'Esclans makes Les Clans and I had the opportunity to taste the 2013 vintage that was barreled in French Oak for 10 Months and a year on lees. Lees. are dead yeast cells and create a creamy, brioche characteristics. There is a marzipan & almond notes that also are expressive in this vintage rosé and it makes for quite an exquisite sipping experience. Most people are used to only drinking current vintage rosé but I would advise laying down any rosé that has been barrel fermented. Not many producers are doing this so it really is a rare treat.

One of my favorite Rosé pairings to recommend is to try it with cured meats. Such a forgotten paring. I discovered this fun pairing while working as a sommelier where there was a six course menu and wine pairing. what better way then to mix it up by using rosé in the middle of the wine progression.

The acidity levels are wonderful with food and the oak barreling allows this rosé to stand up to the fats in the meat. Top with crispy salsify and drizzle with truffle oil and this is a match made in heaven. Enjoy!

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