Rad Book Signing with Paddle Diva

What do you get when you pair up with amazing females?  One killer book signing in the Hamptons!  Last summer, we celebrated Paddle Diva's (Gina Bradley) inspiring book with the best and most fun canned wine product out there, by Jordan Salcito- Ramona wines.  Christy Cober, from honest man restaurants let us use their latest and greatest restaurant Coche Comedor featuring delicious Mexican Cusine...needless to say- great times had by all!

In this crazy time, we could all use some time to reflect and Gina's 10 guiding  principles are truly inspirational.  Gina Bradley has changed many people’s lives while working with them on or in the water. Using her highly acute sense of reading others’ needs, she has developed Ten Guiding Principles, goals she pursues every day in her life and with clients.

She has become one of the most sought after women for inspiration through athletic endeavors. Here, in her first book, Gina shares her wisdom and has made it truly accessible to all. Whether you are on the water or on land, through her guidance you can now live each day as if it is brand new and live your best, most fulfilled life.

In her Guiding Principles, Gina will take you “gently outside your comfort zone” and encourage you to “believe in your strength” and “dig deep” while being “open to the outcome”—all while set against the bucolic aquamarine environments of The Hamptons, Montauk, Boca Raton, and Puerto Rico. Like one of her principles, “positivity is contagious,” you will discover what thousands of students who have worked with Gina have already found: that you want to “enjoy the ride” every day with Gina, and you can, through her book and her brand, Paddle Diva.Go get a copy of the book and see how Gina has outlined how she finds balance on and off the water.  


Jordan is a kick-ass wine. woman. who created a fantastically fun wine spritzer with a slogan wine without rules.  To see a very serious sommelier create such an approachable wine product with zero snobbery is amazing.  Her wine in a can is delicious and refreshing...talk about beach wine!


This year when all this is over, Gina and I will plan some wine on the water events to sip and SUP...looking forward to it!



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