Juicy Fruit + Carbonic Maceration

Nerd Alert : Topic: Carbonic Maceration!

Its almost time for Beaujolais! ‘Tis the season where the French region of burgundy produces

Beaujolais Nouveau from the Gamay Grape intended for immediate consumption.

So what is Carbonic Maceration? It’s a winemaking technique where whole grapes are fermented in carbon dioxide rich environment prior to fermentation (in an airtight container). Imagine the grapes fermenting and exploding within themselves without being crushed and hanging out on their skins. The result is a fruity wine with very low tannins. When I was learning about wine someone described the candied characteristic as juicy fruit gum and it resonated with me . Juicy fruit gum was a childhood favorite of mine so now whenever I smell juicy fruit gum I think of Carbonic Maceration.


Here’s my recommendations for wines that see Carbonic Maceration:

•Vrac Beaujolais 2016; tasting notes: fruity light fresh strawberry rhubarb, raspberries, cherries, violet, oak, smoke, mushroom.

•Château Thivin Côte du Brouilly 2016; tasting notes: hints of cream, vanilla, black plumbs cassis, pomegranate, medium body with a soft palate and nice finish.

•Laurence & Rémi Dufaitre Côte-de-Brouilly 2015; tasting notes: raspberry, tar, smoke, violets, dried cherry, potpourri, rhubarb.

•Seven Springs Gamay Noir, Ella-Amity Hills 2016; tasting notes: red fruits, hints of spices, touch of smokiness, bright fruit in the nose, beautiful pomegranate and ripe cherry.

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