Wine Time

The "Aromas vs Bouquet" Class is THE BEST EVER!  I use my fun aroma kit to pass around samples of fun aromas.  It is very helpful for participants of the class to understand the difference in a citrus fruit, a tree fruit (coming from an orchard), and a stone fruit (a fruit that has a pit in it). 
In this experience, our guests may think their a wine novice,  but this is not true.  We all have the ability to use our senses to recognize what it going on in the glass.  My favorite is when a guest exclaims a note they are getting in the wine and I  have the opportunity to say "Exactly!" I  then go on to explain why they are getting those specific bouquets or aromas.
Sometimes its a primary aroma, sometimes its a bouquet coming from a process post-fermentation.  Either way, guests leave learning something, having fun, and building their own wine vocabulary. A very cool experience. 

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